Litha Campout 2005
Photographer Katt Lady
Digital photo editor Leeanen Sidhe

litha_scpn03 litha_scpn04 litha_scpn05 litha_scpn06 litha_scpn07
View of Bodega bay View #2 Galen in a tree SCPN Banner Katt and Brian at
the camp site
litha_scpn08 litha_scpn10 litha_scpn11 litha_scpn13 litha_scpn15
Litha Altar Kieley likes
camping too
Crabby visitor Juan found
a friend
Crabby visitor 2
litha_scpn20 litha_scpn22 litha_scpn24 litha_scpn25 litha_scpn26-1
Katt and Rellia
play with Kieley
The kids and
the dog
Drumming Drumming 2 Ritual Fire
litha_scpn27 litha_scpn28
Ritual Fire 2 Camp site after dark

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