www.scpagans.org is the home of the Sonoma County Pagan Network mailing list. A place for discussion, community, event and meeting announcements.

FAIR WARNING! In the event of a flame war there will be a warning from the web master/mistress to cease and desist, after that warning is issued any parties continuing to engage in the exchange of inflammatory posting will be unsubscribed and banned from the e-list. Repeated flaming or discord caused by an individual or individuals will result in banning. We sincerely hope that all participants in the mailing list will observe the time honored Pagan traditions of respect, honor and hospitality to avoid such a radical necessity.

A full detail of our e-list rules can be found here. http://scpagans.org/elistrules.html.
Please take the time to read them.

You can subscribe to the list by visiting this link scpn-list-subscribe@yahoogroups.com and following the instructions.

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The SCPN Bizlist is the forum used for those who are on the board and also for anyone who is interesting in the business end the SCPN. It is open to ALL Members of the SCPN Community.

To subscribe to the SCPN Board of  Directors business mailing list, visit this link
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