Bruce Arians isn’t going anywhere, any time soon

There was a Super Bowl Sunday Splash! report suggesting that a win by the Bucs could send coach Bruce Arians back into retirement. That report immediately was dismissed as “100 percent BS,” and B.A. has made it clear that he’s not leaving any time soon. Arians said in a recent appearance on the Pewter Report […]


Weight cycling linked to increased sleep problems in women

Women with a history of weight cycling – losing and regaining 10 pounds or more, even once – have increased rates of insomnia and other sleep problems, reports a study in The Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing. “History of weight cycling was prospectively associated with several measures of poor sleep, including short sleep duration, worse sleep […]


Roblox reveals bookings surge in first post-debut report

Roblox Corp (RBLX.N) on Monday trounced quarterly bookings estimates in its first earnings report since a blockbuster debut as the U.S. gaming company benefited from a surge in spending by kids stuck at home due to the pandemic. Shares were last up 5% in choppy extended trading, set to add to the 42% gains following […]


Samsung adds massive 43-inch 4K model to its all-in-one Smart Monitor line

Remember Samsung’s Smart Monitor revealed last year? It cleverly combines a traditional monitor with a smart TV-style entertainment hub, mobile connectivity, and remote home office features for an all-in-one product. The unit’s largest size was 32 inches, but now a 43-inch 4K version and a 24-inch 1080p model have been added to the line, the […]


‘Human waste explosion’ in couple’s loft after cowboy builder botches bathroom

A couple described the moment human waste exploded in their roof after they claimed a builder’s botch job on their bathroom turned their house into a stinking disaster zone. Clare and Paul Rossi paid £13,500 to have their bathroom done up, but after the sewage started leaking into the attic space, they’ve been forced to […]


The Tim Tebow jerseys are already for sale

Signed by the Jaguars on Thursday morning, the team’s online shop already offers Tim Tebow jerseys for sale. Here’s the link, with three players at the top of the page: Trevor Lawrence, Travis Etienne, and Tebow. The image on the main page originally had Tebow wearing No. 0. That has been changed to No. 85. […]


New research could lead to better treatment for epilepsy

Scientists have discovered that the way in which neurons are connected within regions of the brain, can be a better indicator of disease progression and treatment outcomes for people with brain disorders such as epilepsy. Many brain diseases lead to cell death and the removal of connections within the brain. In a new study, published […]


U.S. pump prices head for highest since 2014 as hacked fuel pipeline shut

U.S. gasoline prices at the pump jumped 6 cents in the latest week, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA), and could soon be headed for the highest level since 2014 due to a cyber attack that shut down the country’s biggest fuel pipeline system. Average U.S. pump prices increased 6 cents per gallon in […]


‘Introducing macOS Redmond;’ a Microsoft-designed operating system for Macs

For those who enjoy ranting about headlines being clickbait because it took a whole two seconds out of their day and another 15 minutes to complain about it, go back to browsing. For those who don’t mind a good chuckle at a tech giant’s expense—read on. What if Microsoft designed macOS? A YouTuber who goes […]