Julian Edelman: I’m a one-team guy, nothing else to prove

It wasn’t long after wide receiver Julian Edelman announced his retirement from the Patriots before people began wondering if he would stay retired and if he was angling for a way to join former teammates Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski in Tampa.

Gronkowski joked that there was a “69 percent” chance of Edelman coming to the Bucs and said more seriously that he thought Edelman could return to the playing field if he heals up this year. During the draft, Brady and Edelman were on a streaming broadcast that featured Brady saying Edelman was scared to tell Bill Belichick he was coming to Tampa.

Brady’s tongue appeared to be firmly in his cheek and Edelman has said nothing to suggest he’s looking for a run in Florida. On Michael Irvin’s podcast, Edelman said he’s a “one-team guy” and reiterated that he feels he has nothing left to give.

“My knee’s breaking down, I’m not gonna sit here, you know, I got everything I wanted,” Edelman said, via Ben Volin of the Boston Globe. “I got three rings, played in a magical dynasty, with an unbelievable franchise coach, best quarterback of all times, like, yo, I’m not a greedy guy. I played to win, I played to compete, I don’t need anything else to prove. I’m good with what I did, I left it all out on the field.”

Edelman took a job on Inside the NFL and that appears to be as close as he’ll be getting to the field in 2021. It also doesn’t sound like he’s working too hard to keep the door open for 2022.