Party-loving mum, 30, banned from drinking after kicking paramedic in the head

A mum who kicked a paramedic in the head has been banned from drinking alcohol for 90 days as part of her punishment.

Danielle Williams, 30, had attacked the female ambulance worker before she then turned on a police officer who tried to help her.

She was charged with two counts of assault and use of threatening words likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress.

The party-loving mum, of Redmire Close, in Bransholme, Hull, pleaded guilty at Hull Magistrates’ Court on May 14.

Williams was sentenced to a 12-month community order and a 90-day order to abstain from alcohol.

She was also ordered to attend rehab for 10 days and pay £200 in compensation.

Her party lifestyle meant she often shared photos of social media of herself posing with pints of beer and tins of lager.

Alongside the snaps, she also shared her crude life motto with Facebook friends which read: “F* every c*.”

She will now be required to cut out alcohol for 90 days though, putting a stop to her partying in the following weeks.