‘Introducing macOS Redmond;’ a Microsoft-designed operating system for Macs

For those who enjoy ranting about headlines being clickbait because it took a whole two seconds out of their day and another 15 minutes to complain about it, go back to browsing. For those who don’t mind a good chuckle at a tech giant’s expense—read on.

What if Microsoft designed macOS? A YouTuber who goes by Avdan asked that question and created a satirical look, showcasing some of the features he thinks it would have (video above).

“Introducing macOS Redmond. Inconsistent design.”

You’ll find all your favorite software preinstalled, like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Notepad, and Calculator. You also get two browsers—Microsoft Edge and the soon-to-be-retired Internet Explorer. There’s a new Settings app designed after Windows 10 Settings but don’t worry, macOS System Preferences app is still there, and it has been redesigned to look just like Windows 7 settings.

Update nags are still there, so you never have to worry about remembering to update to the version that Microsoft wants you to use. Oh, and don’t forget about the Blue Screen of Death. It’s still frequently there and has been redesigned with a whole new macOS look, including the famous Finder icon, which has had its smile inverted.

It’s all a tongue-firmly-embedded-in-cheek concept to remind us not to take things too seriously.